Kristina Barta is currently performing with her international quartet in collaboration with a world - renowned saxophonist Jure Pukl. The new album „Endless Questions and Answers“ out OCTOBER 10 on Second Records / Alessa Records. The album will be out on CD, vinyl and on Spotify and other streaming platforms!

Kristina Barta (CZ) - piano, composition 

Jure Pukl (SLO/USA) - tenor saxophone

Peter Korman (SK) - bass

Marek Urbánek (CZ) - drums


Endless questions and answers are a part of our existence. It’s an exciting journey within our own minds, responding to unanswered questions that have never been voiced. It’s about asking questions based on free thinking, opening our minds, and unleashing our imagination. In this album, I inquire and contemplate topics that deeply affect me or have affected me in the past and relate to me. 

Are you the only one who believes? In anything? 

Would we feel freer if we could break down boundaries? 

Would we feel freer if time didn’t exist? How would we feel if fear didn’t exist? 

It is foolish to seek solace in the past. 

Losses and premature, unnecessary departures from the world deeply touch me. 

Kristina Barta